Bulk Mailing

We do offer a bulk mailing service and with the ever changing postal regulations and the amount of weekly mailings we are now working with a partner and have incorporated ink jet printers and machine sorters, so this is how it works with us.

1. Client supplies mailing list to us in a excel format.
2. We run it through NCOA (National change of address) They clean, code and update list and correct 98% or more of any addresses that will not auto sort. We do this because now there is a possible charged from post office on returned pieces. After updating is complete we then sort, bundle, tray and bring mailing to Brainerd post office using our bulk mailing indicia registered at the lowest per piece postal rate available. Bulk Mailing service based on 2,000 or more pieces is at .08¢ to.11¢ ea. on average for this service. Folding and tabbing may be extra.
3. Postage check is accompanied with mailing from client made out to “Post Master” at pre-determined cost base on weight and mailing routes.
4. Extra mailing material left over are returned to client.

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